Specializing in Leadership Consciousness and Effectiveness and Improved Business Performance for Individuals, Groups/Teams and Organizations


I work collaboratively to empower leaders to reach their highest potential. I utilize 360 assessments and other tools as part of a professional coaching process to reveal insights into breakthrough patterns, to evolve new behaviours and to help leaders achieve greater effectiveness and enhanced business performance.

Individual and Group Coaching

Overall Coaching Approach

I work in partnership with clients. I believe that providing exceptional services is achieved by working closely with you to help you to meet your goals. I can provide objectivity about your situation and work with you to meet your needs and achieve the results you want.

I believe that leaders need to be motivated and responsible for their own learning. It’s my job to shine a light on the underlying thinking patterns that drive current behaviour, giving my clients access to new choices and possibilities.

I include pre- and post-assessment learning/training measures, as well as a follow-up accountability system, practices and plan if required. I typically use The Leadership Circle Leadership Development model for my clients’ learning and development.

Five-stage coaching process

The coaching process needed to develop a leader’s effectiveness typically includes:



As an introduction, I provide information on the process of coaching, clarifying why coaching is needed and discussing what you aspire to achieve.

Getting acquainted

Together, we participate in a two-hour Discovery Session to build the foundation for our relationship and to understand your values, needs and desired results. We also discuss possible tools/assessments and decide upon the best tool/s to achieve your results. As a follow-up to our session I set up the tools/assessments that need to be completed.


Following the Discovery Session, we begin our debriefing process, which is a minimum of 2 hours over several sessions, by talking about results and feedback from the tools/assessments that you have completed. We then we reveal “one big thing’ that will significantly impact your leadership effectiveness and two to three additional areas you choose to develop. We then create an accountability and feedback system.


We set up conditions for success for the coaching process. I usually facilitate one-hour coaching sessions every two weeks over a six- to nine-month period which includes additional time for debriefs as part of session time.


We review your successes and results at the end of each coaching session and develop the Next Steps Leadership Plan at the end of the coaching contract to take you to the next stage of transitioning into your new style of leadership.


I work collaboratively to empower groups to excel. I design and deliver facilitated conversations and group processes which improve character, collective leadership effectiveness and business performance.

Group Facilitation

Facilitation Approach

I help the individual group clarify their desired outcomes and design facilitated conversations and group process to achieve these outcomes and strengthen the collective group and leadership effectiveness. I utilize The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model and assessments and other tools to develop the conversations and group processes.



I work collaboratively to empower leaders to improve business performance. I work with my partner/s to deliver skill development workshops and processes for individuals and teams utilizing The Leadership SystemTM to help increase individual and collective leadership effectiveness and business performance.

Individual and Group Training

Training Approach

I work with my partner/s to help individuals and groups decide the areas that they need to strengthen and develop, based on feedback obtained from the leadership and group effectiveness assessments and tools.

We utilize The Universal Model of Leadership through The Leadership Circle to help individuals and teams understand how they want to develop their consciousness and capabilities. We also utilize The Four Promises of Leadership framework to understand where they want to develop themselves based on explicit and implicit leadership expectations. We utilize The Leadership System™ as the leadership development system which includes pre-work, workshops, cohort sessions, surveys and one-on-one coaching.

Jody supported me in providing career transition services to my customers’ employees. Jody is a consummate professional who always treats others with respect, fairly and on the basis of firmly held beliefs, values and principles. She possesses strong emotional intelligence, an inner drive, a commitment to results and executes on her mandates with a selfless concern for the welfare of others. She has always represented our firm extremely well.

Jeff Theeuwen, Vice-President Client Services at Felix Global Corp.