Jody Béke


I am known for my passion, innovation and strategic abilities in creating high-impact learning experiences for leaders. I have provided effective solutions to leaders and their teams at all levels within a wide array of high – profile organizations for more than 20 years. Examples of organizations I have helped empower their leadership include: Wells Fargo, Vancouver Aquarium/Ocean Wise, University of British Columbia, Century Group, Elections Canada, YVR, Tapestry Foundation for Health Care, SUCCESS, Inspire Health, Vancouver 2010, Credential Financial, Surrey School District, Royal Columbia Hospital, Regina RCMP, ATB Financial, TransCanada Corporation, Kimberly-Clark Healthcare, GWL Realty Advisors, Encana Corporation, Prebon and City of Lethbridge.

My expertise lies with developing leaders, teams and organizations in transition and aligning and managing people, as well as facilitating the necessary transition and change processes. Using my clear vision and collaborative style, I am able to build sustainable foundations during times of transition. I lead by example and model the key behaviours needed to engage and empower others.

A professional coach, I hold a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation through The Coaches Training Institute. I also hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation with the International Coaching Federation. I have coached decision makers and groups from diverse industry sectors to be at their best for more than 15 years.

I am also a trained facilitator and trainer. My energy and dedication are key contributing assets in assisting leaders to find their voice, harness their potential and develop team-based cultures. My resilience and leadership skills allow me to identify and support priorities while overcoming challenges.

My extensive professional experience informs my work with clients. My experience spans the public and private sectors and includes the following key roles: Learning Program Designer and Facilitator of Management/Leadership Programs; Vice-President – Career Solutions and Transition; Senior Team Leader; Senior Career Transition Associate; Human Resources Manager; Internal and External Leadership/Organizational Development Consultant and Nominations Chair for Coaching Awards for the International Coaching Federation Vancouver.

I have a carefully selected team of partners that I can call upon as needed in my work with clients.

When I am not working you can find me on my bike, in my kayak, in my dance shoes or out in community with family and friends.

Mission Statement

I inspire and empower individuals and teams to transform and transition into the effective leaders that they aspire to be.


When you work with me, you can expect: integrity, caring, collaboration in community, passion and fun, going beyond, trust, curiosity, inspiration and abundance.

Jody’s masterful coaching facilitated self-exploration, learnings, and results beyond my expectations. Her powerful coaching process and her ability to partner have brought me valuable insights that years of courses and reading hadn’t been able to provide. Both my life and my work have benefited immeasurably.
Margaret Mills M.Ed. Training and Coaching Professional

Personal Manifesto

I help leaders and teams that aspire to something greater. I do whatever is needed to create results. Leadership matters – it makes a difference in the results we create and the quality of life we live. I am passionate about making meaningful things happen for leaders, teams and communities. I believe and live the “new way” of thinking about leadership described by The Leadership Circle philosophy that leadership is beyond developing competency and capability, and we need to develop leaders with courage, compassion, consciousness and character. I help to empower and shift people to break through their old assumptions and thinking to adopt a new internal operating system that will help them to manage their reactive tendencies and excel in their creative competencies. By doing this, we create more conscious and effective leaders and teams.

My Journey

What drew me to this work? I have more than 20 years’ experience in working with leaders and their teams. In my professional life, as well as through my own personal journey, I have learned some important lessons in leadership.

Leadership Lessons

Trust your own inner wisdom and resilience.

I have had many opportunities during my career where I needed to rapidly acquire new knowledge or skills to achieve the required results in a new industry or project. I have learned to trust my inner wisdom, skills and instincts, and to be resilient.

Stay aligned with your authentic self.

Throughout my life there have been times when I felt that I had lost my own “voice.” This experience has taught me the importance of staying aligned with my authentic self and the courage needed to regain it. In leadership, courage is an essential quality and skill to achieve your vision of great leadership and authentic courageous conversation is necessary for high performance.

Recognize that you are worthy and claim your personal power.

I have learned to stay true to my personal expectations and standards despite growing up in an environment that didn’t necessarily support it.

Assess people and situations and take the courage needed to call out the real issues.

I have had many opportunities in my career to work with people and situations where it has been necessary to navigate multiple challenges. I have learned that the best way to effect change is to assess people and their situations quickly and accurately, to call out what’s happening, and to maintain objectivity.

Master your inner game.

I competed in a number of sports as a child and adult, including English and Western equestrian, as well as team rowing and tap dancing. I have learned to overcome my performance pressure sensitivity and compete successfully by mastering my beliefs, thinking and behaviours.