“By illuminating the underlying thinking patterns that drive behavior we gain access to new choices and POSSIBILITIES.”

I have a strong alignment with The Leadership Circle, a global leadership assessment and development company that has developed a complete and integrated leadership development system. This system facilitates developing more effective and conscious leaders and organizational cultures, giving your business a strategic, competitive advantage.

I use The Leadership Circle leadership development and effectiveness model and assessment tools because I believe that they are the best in the industry.

I am certified to lead The Leadership Circle Profile ™. This includes the leadership development model and the following assessments:


The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

A 360 competency-based assessment for leaders.

The Manager's Circle Profile (MCP)

A 360 competency-based assessment for managers

The Leadership Culture Survey (LCS)

A 360 competency-based assessment to show a powerful “litmus” test of your leadership culture, or leadership team.

Jody used The Leadership Circle Profile assessment, raised remarkable questions and provided great insight to how to better develop myself as a leader. She helped me see patterns that were not at first clear to me. She has encouraged me to take risks in the workplace that have proven to be beneficial in my success. I am thrilled to learn from her level of expertise in leadership/coaching.
Kelsey O’Connor, Senior Auditor at WELLS FARGO

What Makes The Leadership Circle Profile Outstanding?

  • It combines the best research in the fields of leadership development, psychology and adult development.
  • It is the only 360 assessment that connects patterns of behavior with your leadership competencies and habits of thought.
  • This is the only 360 assessment to show your “reactive tendencies,” the leadership styles that are self-limiting.
  • You start the coaching for your leadership development at the “breakthrough point” revealed by use of the assessment tool.


To learn more about The Leadership Circle visit TLC website